Video: you’re not being paid for making judgements

Some advices about making judgements all the time, about everyone: don’t be that person.

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10 reasons for you to start loving your body

“Find out how to achieve the perfect body”. “Tips to lose weigh in one week”. “Start this new diet to get the perfect body for the Summer”. You’ve probably saw titles like those in famous blogs/pages/websites all over the internet and television. And today I came specially to tell...

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Nails and personality: what does your nail say about you?

What does your nail say about you? Find out!

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Colors’ matching for the rest of your life

When I started getting interested in fashion, one of the main doubts I’ve had was how to match different colors. It is truth that, in terms of wearing, we only can figure out what we really like in practice. But, if we have some inspirations to use as a...

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7 tips for a great companionship

A top-7 list with attitudes that will help you to have a better companionship in your day-by-day.

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5 essential clothes of the female closet

5 items that you should have in your closet (for women).

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Fashion and Zodiac signs: styles for the summer 2017

Fashion tips and inspirations for the summer 2017 based on the Zodiac signs.

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5 essential and versatile clothes of the male closet

A top 5 list of pieces of clothes every men have to have in their closet.

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My name is Marcéli Paulino, I'm 31 years old and a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting. Soon after graduating, I decided I wanted to study and work in the field of fashion and started in what would be a second college, Fashion Design. I took 1 year this graduation, but due to the fact that I like writing much more than sewing (rs), I locked up college. So I went to São Paulo to study Fashion Journalism at IED - Instituto Europeo di Design - and there I had my first training in the area.

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