5 essential and versatile clothes of the male closet

A top 5 list of pieces of clothes every men have to have in their closet.

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The make up of the gymnasts in the 2016’s Olympic Games

Some make up inspirations of the gymnasts in the 2016’s Olympic Games.

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Video: why do we need to learn how to say “no”

If you are the kind of person who suffer when you have to say “no” to someone, this video is for you. My intention here is not to “command” any rule but to reflect this situation, together.    Because saying no is harder than we think it is –...

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“Let me be politically incorrectly in peace!”

A reflection about people who don’t respect equality.

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Nails’ trends for 2016/2017

Tips and nails inspirations for you to try from now until 2017!

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Superpositions: dresses and t-shirts

Ideas of superpositions’ outfits with dresses and t-shirts.

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Sneakers for men

Some inspiring outfits with sneakers for men.

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Colored hair style is trendy for 2016

Colored hair inspiration looks for 2016.

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Hello, how are you? This part of my blog is for you to get to know me better! My name is Marcéli Paulino, born on July 16, 1988, and I have a bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation, a course I started when I was 17! Just before I graduated, I was already very interested in fashion and knew that I wanted to study and act in the area. So, as soon as I got my diploma, that's what I did: I looked for training in the area, which was my dream ...

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