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It’s a Personal Styling exclusive service in which we get to know more about your personality, getting all relevant information about yourself and about your life to make your image more potencial through your own style.

Get a super organized closet, discover your color palette, stop buying things you don’t use and build a solid self confidence for you to express yourself through authentic outfits. Here are the 10 sessions you get in this package:

  • Personal Color Palette Test: It’s a session to discover which colors value more your skin and you’ll learn how to use them in clothes, accessories, hair colors and make up.
  • Style test: It’s a two-session service in which we’ll figure out who you really are and how you’re up to demonstrate that through garment skills. The Style test is about discovering which of the 7 Universal Styles more represent you and how to mix them in an unique way – in YOUR way.
  • Biotype and Face Analysis: It’s a two-session in which I’ll look to your forms and make a map about how to value them in the best way – the way that most pleases you, in body and face shapes of clothes, accessories, haircuts and make up. You get an edited and exclusive PDF material with all the details about how to build your image in the way that most empowerful yourself and your strenghts.
  • Closet Cleaning: This session is about looking to what you have and make a very careful selection about what you will maintain and what you’ll give away. Based on what we’ve been discovering until here – color palette, your style, body and face shapes -, we’ll make a cleaning on what you have in your closet that only occupies space in a useless way – and give space for something fresh and new!
  • Personal Shopper part 1: It’s a session dedicated to list all new things you’ll need to improve your image and make a map of the best stores where we’ll find it. The goal is to list best prices and quality, for the next step – which is going to be live.
  • Personal Shopper part 2: Now we’re going shopping! With lists in hands and all the stores we’ve chosen as the best option to find what you want, we’re going to search everything together and you’ll prove everything to check if it’s perfect for you to buy!
  • [BÔNUS] Lookbook: This a bonus part – when you’ll get your own outfits catalogue with all matching options of your closet – that’s right! We’ll photograph everything on your closet – clothes, shoes, accessories – and I’ll choose great options for you to match thinking about all the skills we’ve saw until here: color palette, style and everything.

2 months-follow-up. Price: 750 USD – Accept Paypal or Credit Card.

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