fashion tips

5 essential clothes of the female closet

5 items that you should have in your closet (for women).

Fashion and Zodiac signs: styles for the summer 2017

Fashion tips and inspirations for the summer 2017 based on the Zodiac signs.

Fashion tips: famous outfits to inspire

Famous outfits with fashion clothes for you to get inspired!

High collar blouse is back

Pretty tips for you to use the high collar blouse, basic piece of the winter closet.

80’s Fashion: the sheepskin jacket returns

The return of the sheepskin jacket and how to use it.

Fashion myths: yes or no for the mix of patterns?

Tips and trues about the mix of patterns’ trend and how to do it correctly!

Sustainable fashion: 3 reasons for you to repeat outfits

Video post talking about 3 reasons why you should repeat your clothes and outfits.

3 fashion tips to valorize the female silhouette

Tips for you to valorize your curvilinear and pretty body.

Autumn-winter fashion tips: 14 ways to wear bonnet in your outfit

Simple and pretty tips for you to include the bonnet in your winter outfits!

Fashion myths: the truth about matching purses and shoes

Some practical tips about the myth of matching purses and shoes!

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