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5 essential clothes of the female closet

5 items that you should have in your closet (for women).

3 fashion tips to valorize the female silhouette

Tips for you to valorize your curvilinear and pretty body.

5 clothes that will always be in style

A versatile closet is one of the secrets to be always in style. In order to help you doing it, today I will talk about five pieces of clothes that you must maintain in your pile – or buy it, whenever you can – because it will your day by day much easier.

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fashion clothes that will always be in style trench coat

1. TRENCH COAT – This is a classic piece of the closet and the number one when we talk about being well dressed and warmly. Only one trench coat, in a neutral color, and all your winter outfit problems are solved!

fashion clothes that will always be in style denim skirt

2. DENIM SKIRT – Another classic of the female closet, the denim skirt fits beautifully in your look, no matter which season it is, warm or cold. It fits with sneakers, boots, high heels and once if you know how to dress it, you are able to create thousands of different outfits.

fashion clothes that will always be in style white t-shirt

3. WHITE T-SHIRT – God save the one who has created this one. The white t-shirt is favorable for all biotypes besides of its versatility, that allows you to fit it in every color, pattern or texture. 

fashion clothes that will always be in style sneakers

4. SNEAKER -There is a huge difference between sneakers for you to work out and the other ones for you to take a walk on the mall, for example. Once you found out this difference, you can go to the next step, which is to get one for your fashion outfits. The main feature of the fashion ones are: the sole of the shoe, that is flat, and the fancy aspect. Besides its comfort, the sneaker offers a relaxed outfit, appropriated for going to work, to happy hour or even going out at night. I love it and use it a lot, even so I’m not a tall person, lol

fashion clothes that will always be in style scarfs

Image credits: Pinterest.

5. SCARF – A simple accessory like the scarf can turn your outfit into a super fashion one. All you have to do is using it in a vibrating color, in contrast to neutral pieces of your look. And there is more: if you are in doubt about the weather – or you just want to keep warmly from the AC, in the summer, it fits your purse practically, without any problems – better than keep carrying a huge coat wherever you go.

Keep this list in mind and go to check if you have all its items! See you in the next post,


5 wrong ways to dress yourself

One of most frequent doubts in the world of fashion, that I use to receive by e-mails, is about how to always be well-dressed for each occasion. Friends of mine use to say that I’m in style even when I am going to the bakery (lol)! Well, honestly, I’ve already been a mess in my look of the day, sometimes, to confess.

After all, it’s not our obligation of being completely well dressed all the time, it is? None of us need to be impeccable every our of our days. But there are some mistakes we do when we’re picking our look that can make us look badly dressed and we don’t even realise it. Check out my list and avoid doing it again!


Image credits: Pinterest.


If you have a party to go, for example, the first thing you need to get informed about is the dressing code. Try to ask the host about the type of the party or the occasion, if it is casual, black tie, etc. The next step is, obviously, get dressed according to the event.

Seems bullshit, but trying your look before the day you have the occasion is really important to avoid disasters. Sometimes the piece of garment you’re thinking about is dirty, crumpled, raggedy or it doesn’t fit you anymore. Sometimes it doesn’t fit in the rest of the look the way you thought. If you try before, you have time do think in a “plan B”, in case some of those problems happen. 

Don’t make the mistake of buying the same look of your friend or of the showcase. Those things usually don’t work simply because your friend’s taste – or the salesperson’s – won’t be the same as yours. The result is that probably you won’t feel like yourself when you get dressed, which is a huge frustration. Besides, to be in a party dressed just like someone else is not exactly cool – specially when this doesn’t happen as a coincidence. 

This is the main cause of the topic 3. When we don’t know our own style and don’t identify what we like in terms of dressing, we get lost in this topic in all occasions – even to go to the bakery. It feels like we are not representing ourselves with dignity, for the others. That’s why, firstly, you need to know yourself and discover your own style.

This is a topic I always emphasize in terms of dressing. The main secret for you not to be wrong dressed, for any occasion, is thinking in which message you want to transmit. If it’s a professional meeting, for an example, you probably want to transmit that you’re a responsible and serious person, so, you will get dressed according to this qualities. If it’s a date and you want to look funny, amusing and outgoing, you will get dressed based on this qualities as well. Is it’s a wedding and you’re the maid of honor: you’ll probably choose your garment based on looking elegant and important. That is the spirit. It’s not about judging by appearance; it’s about using your garments as a good first impression. This is not the essential of your personality and of who your are, but, it will tell something about you. 

Like the tips? You can leave some suggestions in the comments. Wish you enjoy a lot! Xx,

Marcéli Paulino

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