Heccus + modelling massage: how it works

Body treatments for cellulite to get thinner usually are high questioned – specially, about its efficiency. People use to think that they can eat whatever they want and do those treatments – and their problem are simply solved. It doesn’t work like that.

The first step to achieve a healthier life and a good body is to have a balanced diet and do exercises everyday. This is not new for those who read about that. If you do this first step and still want to lose some “fat” part of your body that remains there, then you should try some of those body treatments. They are a great help!  

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I’ve started my Heccus and Modelling Massage Treatments last Thursday, June 2nd, at Beauty Club Santos. I’ve already done a draining treatment, short time ago, which I loved, so, now, I’ve tried this one.


How Heccus works?

The Heccus is a machine with electrical circuits, called “Aussie”. It has three high power circuits that makes a therapy in the excess of fat located in the body, helped by a conductor gel. It breaks the fat molecules and reduces the treated area.



The average time of the session is 20 minutes – but it can be longer or shorter, depending on how big is the area you want to treat or the amount of fat in the area.

For my treatment, I’ve chosen the area down the butt. As the professional Natricia says, “each one of us has its won karma for fatness”, lol. So my karma of fatness is there, down the butt. It doesn’t matter how many pounds I lose, it is always there – bigger or shorter. 

I confess that, sometime in the past, I’ve struggled myself because of that, feeling ugly, shamed of wearing swimwear. Nowadays, I understand that no one has a perfect body and all of us need to valorise parts that we love and try to work those parts we don’t love that much, to get it better. That’s what I’m doing now. According to the estheticist, my area of fatness is not that big, so my session took no longer than 15 minutes.

How the modelling massage works?

The massage is a complement for the Heccus therapy and it works as its name suggests: in order to model your body.


The massage is done in the same area as you did the Heccus therapy in order to make your treatment harder. Before the massage starts, the professional uses a high temperature cream, that accelerates your metabolism and the fat molecules break, as a consequence. 

It gets concluded by using another kind of little machine, to make it more effective, and then, you’re done.


Pictures’ credits: Edeli Paulino.

Frequent Questions

  1. It hurts? No. If you are more sensible you can feel a little bothering with the Heccus machine, because it gives a little shock in the area of the body, as it works in high temperatures. However, the professional gets it harder as long as you want to. But is good to remember: the harder is the shock, the more effective is the therapy.
  2. How many sessions are good for a nice result? It depends on how fat is the region you want to do it and how big is the area you want to get treated. The ideal are twice sessions a week, during 20 minutes each one (Heccus and modelling massage).
  3.  Is there any indication? The Heccus is indicated, mainly, to treat cellulites and every body fatness. Post-surgery treatments, too and fibrosis are another indication for doing it. The massage is indicated for the same objectives, plus water retention.
  4. Is there any contra-indication? Yes. A few examples of contra-indication cases for those treatments are: pregnancy, lipid profile problems, cancer patients or some kind of acute infection, severe skin injuries, diabetic or high blood pressure patients or women that make use of IUD – the Heccus machine is forbidden to be used in parts of the body that have some kind of metal.


Beauty Club – R. Goitacazes, 4, sobreloja. Gonzaga, Santos – SP. Phone number: (13) 3385-9800

Professional: Natrícia Marinho – Estheticist and Physiotherapist – Crefito N. 3 128918-F.

I hope you liked the post and have all your doubts solved. If you still want to ask anything about the subjects, please, leave a comment. Also, follow me in the social medias and Snapchat (@marcelipaulino), which I’ve been posting everything I am doing on my day.

Xx, see you soon!

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