Autumn-winter outfits: how to dress warmly without be overdressed

One of our biggest dilemmas in the winter is dressing warmly, but, at the same time, trying not to be overdressed – which is something really uncomfortable, besides it makes us look fatter.

In order to help you solving this problem, I will give a four-tips-list. Have a look and nice try!

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1. SECOND SKIN SHIRT: those kind of clothes were made for us to be dressed warmly in great proportion. It doesn’t provide us much volume and, when in contact with other warm textures – as wool or flannel -, gets us even more warmly. 

2. FLANNEL: This texture is a favorite one when we talk about padding. Even when it’s in the outside of the coat, it makes us feel really warm as we don’t need another layers of clothes. But you have to pay attention about the fabric: it has to be a original one, otherwise, the result will not be the same, obviously. 

3. GLOVES, SOCKS AND CAPS: Have you ever heard about getting your extremities warm in order to shelter very well? This is true. Make use of gloves, socks – thermic ones, if necessary – and caps or hats. It helps you to face the cold weather, plus makes you look well dressed.

4. PROPER SHOES: To leave your feet uncovered on winter is not such a good idea, specially, because of what I told in the topic number 3. Even if you’re wearing a pantyhose, the greatest option is wearing proper shoes in your winter outfit. There are many trending boots for you to choose, that will keep you warm besides looking really styled.  

I hope you enjoy those tips and the winter, as well. There is nothing better than be dressy and warmly!

Xx and see you in the next post!


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