7 reasons why you should organize your shoes right now

First of all, you should think about organizing your shoes to worth your investment on them – are they so cheap that it’s ok for you to buy another one every month?

Here are some problems for your shoes, when you aglomerate then in an inappropriate way:

  • accumulates mold;
  • deform your shoes;
  • scratches or even break your heels;
  • fade color/prints;
  • other details’s damages;
  • aglomerating your shoes avoid you to see what you have – and you keep always wearing the same pair!

Still not convinced? Take a look at some inspiring shoes storages and try to reproduce it at home!

Image credits: Pinterest.

If you need further help to do this task, I can help you! With my fashion/style consulter job, I’ll give several ideas for organizing you closet and so many other style/outfit solutions for your day by day.

Send me an e-mail to: contato@lindizzima.com.br or a Direct via Instagram to make a budget.

It is priceless to invest in yourself!


See you in the next tip! Xoxo,


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