Social media etiquette: an entire guide for you not to make gaffes

social media etiquette | etiquette | social media | virtual etiquette | etiquette tips | education

As we like to be updated about fashion, in order to get well dressed in the society, the same must happen with virtual etiquette. And this is not a freshness or something imposed by the bourgeoise – is something that every person should carry about, because it shows we matter with each other.

And once we care about each other is kind of a natural thing that we work in order to have a better cohabitation. If the internet and the social medias are frequent tools, directly linked to our day life, we should pay a better attention about how we use those tools. Take a look at some tips!

social media etiquette | etiquette | social media | virtual etiquette | etiquette tips | education

1. OVER-POSTING: Ok, I know each one of us are free to post whatever we want in our social media space, but, you should agree with me when I say is really boring to see a hundred posts every hour of the same person. Try to hold on and post less – less is more, most of times.

2. UNNECESSARY SHARING: This is one of the most important topics. Do not share death images, raping or animals mistreatments in your page. Besides is completely rude and inconvenient, you are helping to spread cruelties. If you really want to help, denounce those posts and the social media administration will take providences about that. Have a common sense: you wouldn’t like if those images were about a relative of yours or someone you know. So, why do this with someone else?

3. ADD VALUE TO YOUR “LIKE”: Instead of liking everything you see in your feed, try to pay more attention to what you read. Most of people use to like any headline they see, without opening and reading the full post. Sometimes you can like something that is not exposed in the headline, but in the text and you don’t even know it.

4. VIRTUAL FIGHTING: I know there are somethings we read in our feed that makes us really mad. But we have to control our impulse of calling each other names. Is the same thing when we are in front of other people: they don’t need to watch fightings, specially, when this happens in some other’s timeline. If you want to discuss something or have an argument, call the other in the private conversation.

5. VISUALIZE AND NOT RESPONDING: You must say there is nothing much about seeing a message and forget to reply, but there is. It would be the same as you let someone talking by himself/herself, personally. Nothing cool about that, right? So, if you don’t have time to chat in certain moment, don’t open the message – only do that when you are able to reply and the person will understand that if you didn’t see it, it’s because you are busy.

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I know that what I am going to say is really cliché, but, is a huge truth: if each one of us work harder on this, everyone and everything in our day life will be better. If you like this post, share it with your friends, do your part.

Xx and see you!

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