Love can really build indestructible bridges

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I ask Chorão to excuse me, because I am using a part of one the songs of Charlie Brown Jr. (a Brazilian band that I really like, by the way) in this tittle. I’m using it because I want to make a plea and I can’t see another more appropriate phrase. My plea is this: do not underestimate the real love.

I’ve read a text, some other day, which title said: “We can’t always stay with the love of our lives“. While I was reading this text, over some paragraphs, I’ve concluded that maybe the author of this text has never found the real love of his/her life. Well, who am I to judge? But the point is that, to me, it doesn’t make sense a phrase like that, like the tittle of this text, once I believe that, when the real love exists, truly, people figure out a way to stay together.

In the text, the author said that, even when there is love, some divergencies happens – in terms of situations and opinions – and those were the reasons why some people decide to break up. Well I agree in parts. There are divergencies, of course, in several aspects when we are in a relationships, because we are different from each other. Everyone is different, even when we are from the same family. There’s always a point to disagree about, there’s always a perspective to be seeing in different ways. There’s always be. Who said it would be easy?

But if love is bigger and stronger than all those divergencies and conflicts, then people will find a way to be together. They will try to agree in some point. I can’t see another final possibility if – IF – the love that both feel is really strong and bigger than anything else. 

In my life, until now, what I could figure out about past relationships is that the main reason why couples split up is simply that the love they feel is smaller than other things. Smaller than proud; smaller than selfishness; smaller than vanity and than so many other things. There are lots of feelings and ways that can be bigger than our love for someone else and it is up to us to let this happen. We are responsible for what we feel, this is the truth. 

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And that is why you may not be with “the love of your life”: simply because you don’t want to. Or you didn’t want to. Because you’ve had another priorities. And when I say “love of your life”, I am not referring only to that “butterflies in the stomach”; I am referring to everything you wish to achieve with who you love. Side by side. Choices. Simply that. 

“(…) Go and make it happen, do your best, just keep on laughing, I’m telling you there’s always a brand new day” [Avril Lavigne – Who Knows]. 

Kisses and hugs and see you in the next super big and sentimental text.

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