“Let me be politically incorrectly in peace!”

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Before anything, let me explain you that this tittle you’re seeing up here is totally ironic. Yes, we all commit incorrectly political acts almost all the time. Because been a correct person is really hard – and, for some people, boring. The difference, as I can see, is between those who want to change and actually do something about that and those who want to stay stagnant, been repulsive. And this kind of people exists. Believe me.

Why am I saying that? Because I’ve achieved the latest intolerant level with certain kinds of jokes. The sexist kind, the racist kind or social differentiation kind. Well, any injury or reactionary kind. 

I’ve always judged people who thought this way I am thinking as radicals and exaggerated. Until I’m, gratefully, started understanding how ignorant is to maintain this low level of dialogue with the silly pretension of being, what, funny? And the worst is this: this kind of people still has someone who watch them. Who gives them audience. And that is why they are still here. I won’t give a damn about some advices some people have given to me, of ignore them. Do you know why? Because when we ignore problems, we let them grow.

Those poor and limited brains can’t comprehend that before we’re women, men, white, black, poor or rich we are all humans. We’ve had or we still have father, mother, and we’ll probably have children or niece and nephew… I always think about that, every time I see someone despising someone else, in many ways – even in a “joke” format. It is not funny. And I’m glad I don’t think it’s funny and that there are some people in this world who agree with me.

Racists, sexist and homophobic jokes just take us to a more serious situation, but in a subtle way. Hater speeches only have some effect in society, unfortunately, because there are some people who listen to them and support them. Politicians that, to me, are repulsive and still have space in media because there are people who believe them. 

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And usually, reactionary people don’t admit other ones to oppose to themselves. They don’t admit people who don’t give them applauses. Freedom of expression is useful only for them – not for the opponents. Those who disagree don’t have this freedom, because what they have to speak is not convenient to the reactionary ones. 

I can’t change the world, that’s truth, neither I can change those kind of people I am criticizing here in this post. But I can change the circle of companionship. I can avoid them, which is a huge progress. And this is what I am going to do, and what I advice all of you to do. Someone who doesn’t respect another human doesn’t respect him/herself – neither respects anyone. So I don’t need this kind of people next to me. And I don’t want this kind of people next to me.

Kisses and hugs.

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