What is the real help of the high heels for women?

In order to call the attention for the up part of our body – like items such as scarfs, necklaces and accessories like that – the high heels have the same objective for the low part of our bodies, besides, making our silhouette longer.
Women with larger hips, for example, can make use of the high heels to make their legs look longer and skinnier, and disguising that part of their body that looks bigger, as a consequence. Here, I am going to give you some tips and tricks of how you can make use of the high heels in your own favor!
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→ High heels + long bar pants: the bar of your pant can be longer than your height; in this case, shoes are not the main subject in out outfit – they’re here only to make you look taller and skinnier. So, in this context, you’d better choose similar colors (of your shoes and pants, in order to achieve the objective of linear visual).
→ High heels + long skirts or dresses: similar trick of the ‘large hips’ one I’ve mentioned. The skirts for this type of body should be in A format. Skinny models of skirts might emphasize your hips and do the opposite effect.
→ High heels + short lenghts: in this case, your shoes will be emphasized, which means that you might choose colors that are similar yo your skin tone, so then you can look taller as well. This might also prevent you to “cut” your silhouette visually. 

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I hope you enjoyed those tips! I’ll see in you in the next post. Feel free to leave a comment, critics or suggestions!

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