Spring/summer 2017: fashion and beauty’s checklist

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Like it or not, summer is comming in Brazil (and out of here, it is still going on). It’s always a good idea to think about what we need to face the most hot temperatures, in terms of fashion and beauty, in order to optimize our closet and nécessaire. 

I know we’re living in hard times in terms of money, so we have to look forward saving it, however, here is my checklist with things I already have and I indicate and somethings I would like to buy, if I can afford it.


fashion | beauty | spring summer 2017 | fashion tips | fashion days | summer dresses

1- Patches are trendy since winter, but I’ve never got any of it, so I’ll save some money to buy and use it on Summer. After all, denim is a texture use can make use of all over the year, even on summer.

2- Mirrored sunglasses might divide opinions: there are those who love it, and those who hate it. I am in the first group, and I believe they are everything to do with the hot season. I’ve already have ones and I’m sure they’ll make part of my outfits. 

3- Lots of bracelets! Nothing is better to improve our summer outfit than accessories, once we are forced, by the hight temperatures, to dress less clothes. 

4- Light colors are trendy for 2016 and might stay trendy for 2017, even on Summer. If you are not so fan of neon tones, try the lighter ones – they are fashion and trendy even on swimsuits. I am really considering to try one.

5- It looks like a swimsuit but is a dressing piece (here in Brazil we call it ‘body‘). It is versatile, simple and valorizes female silhouette a lot. 


lace front wigs

1- Lip balms are the black dress of our nécessaires: we must have one all over the year. This one I’m currently using is from Maybelline, but any one that has Sun protection and hydrating factor is welcome. 

2- CC Cream is another great beauty product for we to have. In this moment I am using one from Boujoirs I’ve bought in London but when it finishes I’ll probably try this other one from Make B., that is composed by anti-aging and anti-oxidant factors and many other benefits. 

3- This week I’ve bought and tested this Bepantol hair spray and what a miracle product! My hair lace front wigs became stronger, shiner and has stopped dropping. This is how you use it: sprinkle a little bit of Bepantol in your hair, after shower, when it is still wet. Then wait it to dry or dry your hair yourself.

4- Another miracle product is this wax for nails and cuticles, which I’ve talked about on my Snapchat and Instastories. I don’t know if it sells forward – but maybe there are another brands that fabricates this kind of thing – but it is great to getting your nails harder and stop growing cuticles. Since I’ve started to get my nails done my myself, I’m using it and loving it!

5- I love lipsticks, specially the dark ones. But lately I’ve been adopting the theory of “less is more”, so the lighter ones are calling my attention. This is a variation of the Snob, from MAC, and a color of lipstick I don’t have, so I’m looking forward to buy one.

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Like it? So do you checklist and get prepared for the Summer!

Xx and see you in the next post 🙂


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