Why you shouldn’t use expired make up + tips to better conserve it

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I don’t know about you but I’ve never had the habit of checking expiring date of my make up products. Until the day I’ve started having a strange allergy on my skin and, coincidence or not, it stopped right after I’ve stopped using some beauty products that were out of its validity day.

This made me keep paying attention of all my products’ expiring date. So if you don’t have the habit of checking this detail, too, check it out some great reasons why you should change it!


Some skin redness might be caused by sensible skins, which is something natural. But, sometimes, the redness of your skin might be caused by using products out of its validity day. Be careful! 


Terrible acnes that disturb us a big part of our lives are not only caused by dirty and pollution. They might be caused, also, by those make up products that has its validity date expired. Those old products have fungus and bacterias around them that automatically pass to our skin, when we use it. Besides, in liquid products, its oiliness became accumulated, another fact that blocks our pores, making the acnes appear.


Another symptom caused by using old produtcs is the burning skin, also knew by few people. Pay attention at your skin’s sensibility: if you think it hurts or it burns more than common, probably is because some out to date make up or beauty product.


This is very dangerous: old make up might cause eye allergy – which is something really grave. If you keep using mascara, for eyelashes or any other eye make up that is out to date, stop right now. It might also compromise your vision. 


1- Do not let your beauty products in the restroom – it is, usually, a humid place, and the warmth of the water might ruin your products faster; 

2- Wash your make up brushes regularly, to avoid that bacterias and fungus grow up and infect your skin;

3- Avoid touching the extremities of the products with your hands, so then you also avoid contaminating the rest of the product and your skin, as a consequence (e.g.: lipsticks, mascara, brushes, etc).


maquiagem vencida | maquiagem | make | perigo de usar maquiagem vencida | dicas de maquiagem | cosméticos

In case the expiration date of your make up product is written only on the packaging, that usually is thrown away, write it down in a small paper or a sticker and paste it around the cover or the tube of your product. This is a way to keep seeing this date, and never forget when you should stop using it.

[sources: tudosobremake.com.br]

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How about you: have you ever had any problem with old make up product? Do you keep looking at the expiring date?? Leave a comment and share with me! Xx and see you!


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