5 clothes that will always be in style

A versatile closet is one of the secrets to be always in style. In order to help you doing it, today I will talk about five pieces of clothes that you must maintain in your pile – or buy it, whenever you can – because it will your day by day much easier.

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fashion clothes that will always be in style trench coat

1. TRENCH COAT – This is a classic piece of the closet and the number one when we talk about being well dressed and warmly. Only one trench coat, in a neutral color, and all your winter outfit problems are solved!

fashion clothes that will always be in style denim skirt

2. DENIM SKIRT – Another classic of the female closet, the denim skirt fits beautifully in your look, no matter which season it is, warm or cold. It fits with sneakers, boots, high heels and once if you know how to dress it, you are able to create thousands of different outfits.

fashion clothes that will always be in style white t-shirt

3. WHITE T-SHIRT – God save the one who has created this one. The white t-shirt is favorable for all biotypes besides of its versatility, that allows you to fit it in every color, pattern or texture. 

fashion clothes that will always be in style sneakers

4. SNEAKER -There is a huge difference between sneakers for you to work out and the other ones for you to take a walk on the mall, for example. Once you found out this difference, you can go to the next step, which is to get one for your fashion outfits. The main feature of the fashion ones are: the sole of the shoe, that is flat, and the fancy aspect. Besides its comfort, the sneaker offers a relaxed outfit, appropriated for going to work, to happy hour or even going out at night. I love it and use it a lot, even so I’m not a tall person, lol

fashion clothes that will always be in style scarfs

Image credits: Pinterest.

5. SCARF – A simple accessory like the scarf can turn your outfit into a super fashion one. All you have to do is using it in a vibrating color, in contrast to neutral pieces of your look. And there is more: if you are in doubt about the weather – or you just want to keep warmly from the AC, in the summer, it fits your purse practically, without any problems – better than keep carrying a huge coat wherever you go.

Keep this list in mind and go to check if you have all its items! See you in the next post,


10 ways of dissemble fat body parts in the outfit

I always emphasize the idea that we all need to love ourselves (just the Love Youself song of Justin Bieber, lol). We need to make use of fashion, not the opposite. Therefore – considering that most of people have concerns about their bodies -, I’ve made a list with ten topics, talking about ways of dressing that can dissemble some parts of our bodies. Let’s try it?

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There is a combining look that never is out of style besides valuing every biotype. The flare pant makes your legs look longer – this visual illusion is even better when you wear high heels  -, values your curves and the t-shirt dissembles huge busts and fat arms. Try the V low neck, that makes you look skinnier. The best option of pants are the high waste ones.

fashion tips summer clothes flare pants

This kind of shirt is another helpful piece for dissembling fat parts of the body, but, you need to know how to use it. A cool way of wearing it is by combining the large shirt with another skinny piece – like bandage skirts or pants, high waste shorts or legging pants. It’s a nice way of dressing to dissemble big hips or for pregnant women.

fashion tips summer clothes lace shirt

This kind of clothes, with flare sleeves – can be found in dresses or shirts -, have the same objective as flare pants for the legs: to get arms skinnier and longer. Its large modelling don’t emphasize your body, which values any biotype. It’s easy to combine in your outfit – fits with miniskirts, skinny pants and every high waste piece of clothes.

fashion tips summer clothes flare shirt

This is a modelling indicated for girls who want to dissemble their hips or fat legs (e.g..: Brazilian biotype). It is romantic, feminine and values the female curves. Fits good in daily or nightly looks. Enjoy mixing this garment with cropped tops, 60’s mood and combining it with jackets or tied t-shirts. Love it!

fashion tips summer clothes denim flared skirt

The blazer is the winer when we talk about functional clothes. It’s the “to-buy-piece” in our list. It gives elegance to any outfit and dissembles any fat parts of the body perfectly. The dress code will demand which complements you will use to mix and match your look. Just take care when you buy one: pay attention in the shoulder part, that has to be exactly your size.

fashion tips summer clothes blazer white blazer

They are inspired by the 60’s dresses, as the tittle suggests and its modelling is really favorable to female body. It dissembles large hips and fat legs, as the A skirts/dresses. As it is short, it’s appropriate to be used in casual events – out of work.

fashion tips summer clothes dress girly dress

If you love prints but don’t want to emphasize any fat part of your body, the secret is to try a dark one. Small and discreet patterns give the visual illusion that the part where you’re using it is smaller. 

fashion tips summer clothes floral print dark prints dress

Try to choose light fabrics in every piece of clothes you’re buying. Shirts, skirts, pants, dresses – when its fabrics are lighter and fluid, the result in your outfit is the same – lighter, more delicate. Besides, fluid fabrics don’t emphasize your silhouette, which is better when you want to dissemble some part of your body.

fashion tips summer clothes fluid dress black dress

Another tip that makes you look thinner is when you reveal only some parts of your body, that I call “strategic”. Some of them: neck, pulses and ankles. When you cover the fat part and show the skinny one, it gives a visual illusion that you are all thin. To work in this trick, try V necklines, scarpins and 3/4 sleeves shirts.

fashion tips summer clothes high wasted pants high heels

When you want to value your curves through the garment, you create curves in it. Peplum and “A format” modelling clothes are good options for doing it. Make use of belts and necklines, that also creates an “hour-glass” shape.

fashion tips summer clothes dress girly dresses

Image credits: Pinterest.

Hope you like the tips! Xx see you in the next post!

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