5 great tips to organize your closet

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It seems really hard to maintain an organized closet in our day by day. And it really is! I consider myself a really organized person: people who come at home and see my bedroom thinks everything is beautifully tidy. But if you try to open my closet’s doors, wow! You kind of  have to reconsider this previous concept, lol.

So, to help you – and myself – in this task “organizing”, I’ve gathered some tips about organization that I think are really efficient. If you follow them you’ll probably avoid the mess to come to your clothes, shoes, accessories and everything – which is better visually speaking, also helps you picking what you want to wear and an easier way. Keep reading!

1. TRY TO SEPARATE SHIRTS/PANTS/COATS BY COLOR: It seems futility, but it is not – you will see the difference in your day-by-day. And why shirts, coats and pants? Well you can do this with any piece of clothes you want to, but those I’ve mentioned are basics and easier for you to use more frequently. Depending on the weather you can choose another group of clothes to organize like that – you can change pants for shorts, for example and so on. The main point is: it is much easier for you to visualize your closet when it is organized by color. And you don’t need to set in order everything: keep going, little by little. When you get a shirt to use, for example, once you’ll put it back in the closet, try to put it together with another similar color of it. 

2. SEPARATE “SUMMER” AND “WINTER”: What do you mean? That you must separate your clothes like “sessions”, the warm ones from the vaporous ones. And you can do this little by little: every time you use something, pay attention when you put it back in the closet and try to put the similar ones together – same plan as the previous topic. I use to separate each part of my closet for a category, like: pants, coats, t-shirts, shorts and so on.

3. ACCESSORIES APART: Which means that you should not shuffle t-shirts, for example, with scarfs, hats or gloves. Try to separate a place for each of this categories, so that you can see everything you have when you are choosing your outfit. A nice idea is to use those organizing boxes, if you don’t have enough space in your shelfs or drawers. Do the same for underwear, beachwear and similar. 

closet organization | organization tips for clothes | how to organize the closet | your closet | closet | organizer | organize

4. SHOES: This is another dilemma of our closet. In my case, the main problem is not the organization but the insufficient space to hold my shoes. So, an option for this problem is to arrange some specific place to put your shoes or do the organization by boxes – the same as we get from the store, when we buy a new pair. Because of the mess or the space missing for we to organize our pairs, we end up by using the same shoes every time, because we forget what we have in the closet. Those are points that, by the way, takes us for the next topic of this list.

5. MAKE DONATION: If you don’t have enough space in your closet to put your things may be you need to donate something you don’t use. So, get to work: select those items that are only occupying space in your closet and are useless for you and give to someone who will make better use of it. There is the option to do a bazaar, as well, and also you can get an extra money. But don’t forget an important detail: the item has to be in great conditions. Don’t donate old and damaged things.

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Now after those tips I am sure your day by day will be much easier! There is nothing better than a tidy and harmonious closet, for where you can look and see what you have. Tell me if you liked it and if those tips were useful for you!

Xx and see you in the next post!

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