How the diamond peeling treatment works

beauty | medical treatments | diamond peeling | aesthetics | peeling | peeling diamond | facial peeling

This week I came back to Beauty Club to test a diamond peeling session. I’ve already heard about this facial treatment but I confess I’ve always been afraid of it – one of the reasons because I make use of acid on my face, in order to reduce pores and oiliness.

The good news is that peeling treatments – this one, with diamond – don’t have any restrictions. So then I went there, to check it out!

beauty | medical treatments | diamond peeling | aesthetics | peeling | peeling diamond | facial peeling

First of all, the professional makes kind of a preparing for your skin – that mustn’t be maked up – with some kind of alcohol and gel. The wettish skin gets dried by a paper towel and, then, the dead cells start to get removed by the peeling process.

beauty | medical treatments | diamond peeling | aesthetics | peeling | peeling diamond | facial peeling

It is called “diamond peeling” because of the end of the sucker pen, used for the peeling, is made by diamonds. The treatment involves this movement of “sucking” all the dirty and dead cells of your skin, that can be accumulated there because of, among other things, the pollution.

The peeling treatment not only get your skin cleaner, but also make a deep exfoliation, giving back its elasticity, removing light stains and oiliness and neutralizing your skin.

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A great curiosity – that I haven’t tested yet – is that the peeling makes your skin more prepared to receive the make up, once it gets more uniform. This effect stays for a few days after the peeling session but the ideal is to make five sessions, more or last, once a week.

When the session finishes, the professional uses a calming and hydrating cream, to heal your skin and finalizes with sunscreen cream, too. Try not to use any products or make up in the day you’ve made your peeling session, in order to make your skin to breathe and absorb the treatment.  


1- IT HURTS? Not exactly. It feels a little bit strange in the first touch of the “sucker pen”, but then you get used to it. The strangeness happens because of the end of this pen, that is kind of rough.

2- HOW LONG IS THE SESSION? 30 minutes, on average.

3- ARE THERE ANY CONTRA INDICATIONS? Just in case of active acne, herpes or any slashes. It is not recommended, also, any sunbathe right after the session.

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Goitacazes St, 4 – Mezzanine. Gonzaga, Santos SP.
Phone Number.: (13) 3385-9800

Natricia Rosa Marinho – Aestheticist and Physioterapist 
Crefito number – 3 128918-F

Xx and see you! 😉
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