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I hate to play the “owner of truth”, but according to my humble experience in front of my twenty and “lots” of years, it’s sad to declare that few people know how to love – few, for not to say almost no one.

And before anyone says that I am not including myself on that, I take a risk to admit that I’ve learned how to love recently. If do I still need to learn? Of course. But I am sure about something: love is not a favor. We love expecting to be retributed, it is truth, but we don’t negotiate love or show other people things we do “for love” as it was a bargain. It is not a competition. Each one of us give what we have, according to what we have, the way we can give. According to our references – the ones we’ve had and the other ones we are able to learn.

Because you should know that things that made us being us is not only based on the way we grew up or in our experiences. Much of what we are depends on the way we face things. It is like that proverb that says: “what did you do with what they’ve done with you?”, you know? We chose who we want to be and what we want to spread. If we want to share good things or bad things.

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And if everything we give depends on ourselves, do not treat love, for example, as a favor your are doing to someone. We do things with love, for the ones we love as a consequence of the feeling. No matter if it is for your lover, your friend or your family… We feel love and we demonstrate that. End of story. Love can’t be negotiated. Treating someone well, staying side by side and many other things we do when we love someone are consequences of this feeling – if you feel it, you know it. It is not an obligation, not even a favor. It is love.

So stop loving someone as if you were doing a favor and do it genuinely. Humanity thanks you for that.

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