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How to tie scarfs: 5 easy and pretty ways

scarfs | fashion | fashion tips | video | how to tie up scarfs | how to use scarfs

Scarf is one of my favorite accessories, specially, in cold weather! Besides giving a special touch in our outfits, it shelter us from the changing of temperatures. Fits in our purses, for we to take it anywhere – better than coats, that are bigger and larger.

So today, in order to turn your life easier, I will teach five beautiful and simple ways to tie your scarf. Get one, click on the Play button and let’s start! Don’t forget to activate the subtitles:

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Xx and see you!

More love, with no favor

Reflections about genuine love.

Daily make up: how to use the concealer correctly

make up | beauty | concealer | make up tips | make up tricks | how to use concealer

In my experience with make up, the concealer is the most important item for the daily production. It is the “lifeguard” when we had slept badly and realise we woke up with huge shadows under the eyes. The concealer is able to disguise any imperfection in our face.

To use it in order to get a beautiful and natural effect in your skin it is good to pay attention in some special tips – in the moment you are buying one and in the moment you are applying it. I’ve listed those tips below, according to what I’ve learned by myself, in my daily make up, and I’ll tell you. Give a try and see the results!


The concealer needs to be exactly in your skin’s hue – not darker, not even clearer than that. If you buy it clearer, the effect in your make up gets exaggerated; on the other hand, if you buy it darker than in your skin, the areas you want to disguise will get highlighted. Besides, it is really strange when your face gets a different color than your neck and rest of the body, right!?


When you’re buying a new concealer, do not listen to some sellers who say for you to test the product in the back of your hand. You won’t use the concealer in that region, besides, the color of the back of your hand is different from your face. So do the test in your face and end of story.


I’ve already spoke about that in the post I’ve wrote about make up tips for a natural beauty, but I will repeat. The best way of applying the concealer is by giving little slaps with fingertips in your face – and not by scrubbing the product in the area, the same you do when you are applying some hydrating cream. That’s because the concealer composition may cause your skin’s scaling when you scrub it. With the little slaps the application gets uniform and more natural. Those are the areas where you should apply the concealer:

make up | beauty | concealer | make up tips | make up tricks | how to use concealer


Even though some people like to use the concealer instead of foundation, the ideal is to apply it before you covered all your face with some foundation that fits your skin’s hue. The concealer makes a better result when applied in some specific regions of your face, in order to improve your make up.


If you want to cover the shadows under the eyes, for example, you can apply the concealer beyond the region of the eyes, next to the temples. And there is more: apply the concealer in a triangle movement, like a “V”, under the eye, not in a “U” format, as usually people think they should do:

make up | beauty | concealer | make up tips | make up tricks | how to use concealer


Have you ever heard about colored concealers? They have specific textures to disguise blemishes, acnes or other imperfections that may be darker than your skin’s hue. Apply a little bit of the green concealer, for example, to disguise the acne and then apply your normal concealer one, in the same color of your skin, right after. Finalize with compact powder.


Once you’ve applied the concealer all over your face, in the areas you want to, it is time to apply the enlightening. Do it in strategic regions, such as frontal extension of the nose and temples to a perfect finalization.

make up | beauty | concealer | make up tips | make up tricks | how to use concealer

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I hope you enjoy those tips. See you in the next post!

Xx 😉

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Why I haven’t lost the will of celebrating my birthday

birthday | birthday cake | celebrating birthday | relationships | relationship  | happy birthday | happy birthday images

I laugh of myself when I realise that, besides feeling depressed sometimes, I never lose hope. My hope always renew itself, over and over – and this happens, specially, when my birthday is close. Curious.

Since when I was a child I’ve never passed through a birthday without celebrating, someway. It was never a “blank” date to me. I’ve never considerate passing through a birthdate without doing any kind of celebration – until nowadays.   

Some circumstances made me feel kind of discouraged on celebrating my date, however, I’ve had lovely people by my side who made me change my mind. And I’m glad this happened! Because, after all, I have much more reasons to celebrate than to be sad about. And I seriously believe that celebrating birthdays is not an ego question – it has an ego side, but, for me, is something much bigger than that. I really want to have people who love me by my side, celebrating with me, sharing my happiness.

Because even if the world says to us that we need to be self sufficient, the truth is that each one of us need love. It is important to discover happiness by ourselves, but sharing happiness is definitely something that supplements me. It is so good to have people who love us by our side, to know that they want to take care of us, that wants our best, that they get happy when we are happy. Even if there are only a few people. Even if someday you thought there were a lot of people who do that and realise it weren’t. 

birthday | birthday cake | celebrating birthday | relationships | relationship  | happy birthday | happy birthday images

Even if it’s only one person. To be sure someone love you is the most valuable thing in the world to me. And this is definitely a good reason to celebrate. The fact I am alive is a reason to celebrate; the fact I am healthy; the fact I have a family. The fact that I have a great life, despite the problems. The fact that I can see all those good things, above all the bad things. Because even if I fall sometimes – which is a normal thing, once I am a human -, the main thing is that I always raise again, no matter what. And I’ll always keep raising.

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So happy birthday for me, in advance, and for you too, who is reading this post – even if the date has passed already or if is still to come. I hope those words make you feel great, the same way they made me feel.

A kiss and have a great weekend!

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