Beauty tips to get rid of the dry skin

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If you read me for a long time you must know that my main problem on my face is the oily skin. I’ve always been posting things about soaps, acids, Sun protectors and everything for oily skin, which is something that really bores those who have it.

But then something strange happened: my face skin has been peeling lately. And it is not because I am tend, ’cause I am not a ‘beach person’; it is happening because of the cold weather. This has never happened before, so I’ve read somethings about this subject and try to reach the reason why this is occurring.  


It is pretty common all skins became dry on winter, even the oily ones. The most dry is your skin, naturally, the worst it is. And I usually apply an acid on my skin, to do an oily control, and I believe this is the reason why my skin became more dry than ever.

According to some dermatologists, our skin loses water on winter, because of the dry weather, and this reduces our natural oil drastically. The loss of sweat is another reason why our skin became dehydrated. One more reason why this happens is the hot shower/bath. The hot water reduces our protector layer, which influences in its dehydrating too.  


One of the options we can do to help the dry skin on face is avoiding hot baths/showers. Another one is using hydrating creams or gels. The only detail we must pay attention on is that creams and oil products are specially indicated for naturally dry skins. For the oily ones, the most indicated are the oil free gels or creams.

Here is a list of some products we can found here in Brazil that can help us in this mission. One of them I already use, the other ones are on my “testing-list”. 

beauty tips | skin | dry skin | how to get rid of dry skin | products for dry skin | dry skin on face

Images: reproduction.

1- GEL CREAM FACIAL HYDRATING [OIL FREE], NEUTROGENA: This is the one I use and it is pretty good for oily skins. At first I thought it wouldn’t help on my problem of scaling, because it is oil free, but it worked perfectly. 

2- FACIAL HYDRATING FPS 15 FOR ALL KINDS OF SKIN, CETAPHIL: This is one of the products I want to test. Besides it’s expensive, I’ve already tried the soap of the brand and I really loved it. It is indicated for all kinds of skin, so I believe it works both for oily and dry ones.

3- FACIAL HYDRATING FOR NIGHT [OIL FREE], BIO TEMPO, EXTRATOS DA TERRA: This is a Brazilian beauty product, sustainable one and besides it helps on the hydrating problem, also helps avoiding age effects – girls that are between 25 and 30 years old should care about that, too – which is my case. This another one I would like to test.

4- FACIAL HYDRATING GEL ANTI OILINESS, GRANADO: Another great detail people with oily skin should care about is the kind of product they use. The gel versions are much more indicated than cream ones, because it hydrates without exaggerating in the oiliness. This is another Brazilian brand I would like to test. Granado is improving its market with some great products in Beauty segment.


If your skin is too dry naturally or if you want to hydrate another region of your body and want a cheap and effective solution, the Bepantol is the answer. I use it on my lips, elbows and knees and I think it works perfectly.

beauty tips | skin | dry skin | how to get rid of dry skin | products for dry skin | dry skin on face

Imagens: reprodução.

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Did you like those tips? So enjoy them and tell me if they really worked. I’ll see you in the next post!

Xx 😉

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