10 reasons for you to start loving your body

self esteem | self confidence | be confident | love your body | love yourself | reasons for you to love your body

“Find out how to achieve the perfect body”. “Tips to lose weigh in one week”. “Start this new diet to get the perfect body for the Summer”. You’ve probably saw titles like those in famous blogs/pages/websites all over the internet and television. And today I came specially to tell you why you shouldn’t give a damn about that – and why I’ve stopped believing on titles like that.

There is something simple and really special inside us that we forget to practice, most of times: is called love. When you love yourself you create your own opinion about what/who you are without caring about other one’s approvals. As a consequence, we automatically lose our interest in titles like those I’ve showed as examples, in the beginning of this post.  

I know some of you, that read me, will think: “it’s easy for her to say, she is thin”. I’ll tell you something: is NOT easy. Because, most of time, in the past, I’ve cried and punished myself because I wish I was tall and skinny, as a model, something that I am not. I let people punish me too, with their opinions, telling me how many pounds I had to lose and how I should practice to “achieve the perfect body”. I’ve spent lots of moments hating myself in front of the mirror because I’ve won 1 or 2 pounds, something completely unnecessary. I was unhappy with myself, until I figured out that my body was beautiful and perfect the way it was. The way it is. 


It’s not an easy task. But there is a way, that is the self acceptance and the self love. When I’ve found out these two things, after a long time, I’ve started simply ignoring beauty patterns. Because beauty exists when I look in the mirror – and not when media or someone says something. So if you feel the way I felt, it is time to change. Here, I’ll give you 10 reasons for you to left this self criticism behind and starting love your body the way it is.

1. Your body is your temple; love it and you’ll feel much more motivated to take care of it, making it healthier the way it should be;

2. Beauty is something relative and not a pattern. What is beautiful to me is not for other people, so: find the beauty on you!

3. Other’s opinions are rarely given based on our own reality and you, definitely, DON’T need it;

4. Lembre-se: você é linda exatamente da forma como é! Aproveite o que tem de melhor, para enfatizar para o mundo e mostre essa beleza a ele.

5. Remember that self-confidence borns inside us, from the inside to the outside. Feel confident about what you are and extern opinions won’t ever disturb you again; it works like a strong wall you build, little by little, inside you.

6. Stop trying to be someone else and start trying to be yourself: unique, special and wonderful the way only you can be;

7. Age, ideal weigh and perfect skin are frivolous factors that shouldn’t be measured by your self evaluation. YOU are the only one who needs to approve what is perfect on you or not – and you should ALWAYS approve yourself;

8. To love yourself the way you are doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve things – according to what YOU think you should get improved. However, don’t be so hard to yourself;

9. “To love yourself no matter what” is the first command of the self esteem and self confidence. Practice it!

10. IGNORE completely other people’s comments and critics about something you should be: it doesn’t interest you and you don’t need it to decide IF you need to improve something on you. Your own opinion is the first one and only one that matters.

self esteem | self confidence | be confident | love your body | love yourself | reasons for you to love your body

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Notice that I am not emphasizing arrogance or egocentricity here. What I am saying is that you must exercize self love and self esteem to survive in this cruel world that impose us beauty patterns all the time. I know what I’ve passed through and I know what friends of mine pass, too. 

It’s time to end this self hating and start to look in the mirror more gently. Your body is ideal the way it is. Take care of it like this! Deal?

Xx and see you in the next post!

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