Video: you’re not being paid for making judgements

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I always laugh my ass off when I see some jokes about people who gives their opinion all the time, without being asked, like: “the difference between your opinion and the pizza is that – I ordered the pizza” or “what’s the likeness between your opinion and an exporting company? None of both imports“. The reason is that: a lot of people, still in 2016, insist on what I’ve said before – making judgements and giving their opinions without being asked for it. All the time.

And in today’s video, inspired by another post I’ve made talking about tips for a good companionship, I talk exactly about that: don’t be a person like this – that gives his/her opinion everywhere, anytime, about everything and everyone even when nobody asked him/her to do that. You’re not being paid for that. Stop, please.

Play it and check what I’ve told about this theme – and, of course, also give me your opinion (now I’m asking for it – LOL!). Don’t forget to activate english subtitles (unless you understand Portuguese).

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