Bomber jacket: pretty inspirations for you to use everyday

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From military origins, the ancient ‘flying jackets’ used by the American Army, around 1917, won, as everything in the fashion world, their upload.

Today they’re called Bomber Jackets, and are still represented by the models of coats that have a waist cut, an opening front and an elastic on the fists.  They’re used to keep you warm and even more stylish – if you want to – so trendy for the winter, which’s coming on the North Hemisphere, and also for mid season that has arrived here in Brazil.

So the inspirations which I am going to talk about today is all composed by the Bomber Jacket and here you can find some ideas of how to use it!


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The sporty mood might be the first one in which we think about when we look at any jacket. So, with the Bomber, couldn’t be different! So denim pants, leather pants and some other pieces that esteems for comfort are allowed for to match it. About colors: the always loved and basic black and the golden one, that balances the sporty mood with a luminous tone. 


fashion | style | bomber jacket | 2016 fashion | fall fashion | fashion trends

As the bomber jacket brings the military historical with it, you can obvious abuse of this reference to dress yourself. The military green is so welcome, so as the black, the denim, the white and the grey. Basic and charming! 


Images’ credits: Pinterest.

If there is a reference you can use as a ‘counterpoint’ in an outfit composed by the bomber jacket, this is the romantic mood. Pleated skirts, dresses, pastel colors and transparencies are great options for you to balance the rude appearance of the jacket and brings even more style to your look.

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