4 most common fashion mistakes when getting dressed

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We’ve listened about style all over our lives, when studying fashion. That fashion is nothing more than reflecting your personality through the way you dress. But don’t you think there is an easy way of staying faithful to your own style? Don’t you think there must be some ‘mistakes’, if we can call like that’, that sabotage who we are through our style, turning us non-authentic? Yes, there are.

And that’s what I am talking about in today’s post. Here I’ll tell you which are those mistakes and how to fix them, in order for you to have a better base about the subject and feeling more confident when choosing something to wear. Shall we? 


First of all, is good to make it clear about something: fashion and style are not the same things. Fashion is everything the market offer to us as options for we to dress. This can happen because of the economy – most of times it is -, or based on trends we see on the streets, or because some stylist launched something that made everyone really intrigued and so on. The are several and much complex reasons. 

Style is simply your decision of choosing what the market offers, according to your taste and personality. Speaking very generally, we can take fashion as an example of a pencil case with so many pencil colors on it. And style are the pencils you’ve chosen on this case for you to use.


For this reason I’ve explained above, fashion is easy to copy, but not style. Actually, in terms of fashion, this is what exactly happens when you see some outfit in a haute-couture catwalk and, later, you see a very similar outfit in department stores or fast fashion stores – for a much cheaper price. It happens, in certain way, a “copy” of outfits that became adapted to the majority’s taste and wallet. 

Style is much more difficult for being copied because it is directly related to what we like and what we choose to represent our personality. So a t-shirt, for example, can be perfect on me and strange on you and vice-versa. It’s all about the complements you use with this t-shirt and, mainly, about your posture when using an outfit. Just in case you don’t know, you wear the outfit but it also wears you, you should know. Let’s talk about that right now!

fashion | style | fashion tips | getting dressed | how to have an authentic outfit | fashion mistakes


You might think I’m mad, once clothes are not alive. They are really not alive until some point; but, if we stop to think, we make them alive when we dress them. Tell me something: have you ever heard someone saying something like “oh this dress is much better dressed on you than on me“?

It’s not about biotypes, or beauty patterns or even age. It’s about posture and identity to what you dress. When you’re sure about who you are and about your personality, you’re secure enough to show yourself to the world and, automatically, your personality and your outfit can “have a conversation”. So everyone look at you and can see through your appearance without you saying a word. The opposite also happens: when you dress something that has nothing to do with your personality, you might feel strange in front of people. It’s like, for an example, a heavy metal singer dressing a hippie outfit. Strange, don’t you think?


Still using my example about the heavy metal singer, obviously he could wear a hippie outfit if he likes – after all, he’s free to use what he wants, whenever he wants, when he wants, even if it looks strange.

But here is the point: this “strange look” might be caused when he looks to himself, if he doesn’t do that for his own. This is not exactly a mistake, but it might not be such a good idea in terms of style and authenticity. He might feel bad, with low self esteem because of that. There is nothing worse than feeling bad dressed, don’t you think? 


So to explain all this theory in a practical way, here is an infographic talking about 4 fashion “mistakes” that can make you strange yourself in terms of style. And there, also, 4 solutions for you not to let this happen. Take a look!

fashion | style | fashion tips | getting dressed | how to have an authentic outfit | fashion mistakes

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I hope you really enjoy those tips and use them to practice in your day by day, increasing your style. And if you’d like to buy dresses for women, Dresshead is the right place! 

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I’ll see you in the next post! A big kiss!!

Marcéli Paulino

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