7 reasons why you should organize your shoes right now

Many practical ideas for you to organize your shoes right now!

Sustainable fashion: meet Residus

Meet Residus Official, a sustainable fashion brand that allows you dressing elegant and consciousness.

Hair Removal Device: new product from Silk’n promises to make a revolution in your life

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Shaver is oldschool. Besides its practicity, many women complain about the rough skin they usually get when shaving it. The most popular current methods for removing hair all over the body are laser and pulses of light – they remove your hair without leaving marks and avoiding it to grow again.

dica de beleza | depilação luz pulsada | depilador luz pulsada | silk'n revolution | infinity

The problem is: both are very expensive methods and you’ll probably spend a high amount with it per month. 


What if I tell you that there is already a way of you to use pulse of lights at home and spending only once with that, by buying a device? Silk ‘n Revolution, international brand of beauty devices, just launched Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL, a technology which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. And the best part: you can do it by yourself.dica de beleza | depilação luz pulsada | depilador luz pulsada | silk'n revolution | infinity

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It is furthermore the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home and is already regarded as the gold standard. You get a smoother skin, without any pain or irritation. You can buy it at the official brand’s website – free shipping for USA and Canada. Watch the video below to check more details:


I’ve already done laser, some time ago, and I think my legs hair reduced a lot. I’m really anxious on testing this new device and tell you guys what I’m thinking.

Tip: for a better result, the indication is to use it between 7-8 times, making a pause among 30-45 days. You can also join me on social medias, Facebook and Instagram, in which I’m gonna be posting what I think about it. 🙂

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If you buy and test it as well, leave me a comment about what you think about it!

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7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter.png

What images appear in your mind when you imagine a romantic trip for two? Today, we tend to think that the perfect vacation is about spending a week or two on tropical island, but there are some couples that hold a different opinion and travel to big cities or mountains.

Anyway, wherever you travel, there is always a problem of getting the best out of this vacation. If you wish there would left something more than just photos, follow our romantic trip ideas. There are different interesting ideas – single dating.

1. Choose the accommodation away from crowded spots

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

In any city of the world, there are plenty of sights that are worth seeing. But it is a bad idea to live near the most popular places. It refers to the capitals like Paris or Rome, as well as big megalopolises and culture centers like Barcelona or Sydney. The crowds of tourists, a constant uproar, and polluted streets usually leave only negative impressions, so it’s better to book a hotel or apartment away from such spots. In addition, it will be cheaper.

2. Don’t stint on comfortable accommodation

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter


Many things in a travel depend on a place where you stay. Even a small but very cozy suite with extra service is much pleasant than just an ordinary residence with only four walls. Spend extra money for SPA, room service, swimming pool, and other small whims your beloved one likes.

3.  Discuss desired entertainment in advance

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

Being spontaneous is great, especially when we talk about romance. But if you really want to make this travel unforgettable, work on your plans. Visiting some sights, museums, and amusement parks requires time and money. Moreover, spontaneous wishes may brighten your vacation, but evoke some quarrels that can spoil a romantic weekend trip. Such important moments should be considered before the vacation.

4. Explore

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

In a time off from gazing at pictures in museums and lying on a beach, explore the place around. Even if you spend your romantic anniversary trip on an island, take some time to investigate the places away from your hotel or beach. You have all chances to find a special site with a spectacular view and extremely romantic atmosphere.

5. Eat out as much as your budget allows you

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

Many people usually save money on eating in cafes and restaurants when they are at home city. But it is a sin not to try the finest dishes in a decent restaurant when you chill out with your significant other. The gastronomical experience is one of the most delightful in every voyage, and there are many exotic dishes you can’t cook by yourself. Therefore, visit cafes, restaurants or even fast-food venues at least several times.

6. Get lost

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

Turn off your phone, don’t use any apps, maps, and guides. Rely only on your imagination and communicative skills. You and your second half will have a great time in an unknown part of the world with a feeling there only two of you are in this city. Talk to the locals to find a way out and don’t worry: you can use your device or call a taxi anytime you feel you had enough adventures.

7. Maintain romantic spirits

7 Non-Typical Ways to Make Your Romantic Trip Hotter

Photo’s credits: Photo by on Unsplash Alex IbyCourtney ClaytonDorin VanceaKyle BeardenPatrick TomassoSharon ChenVladimir Kudinov on Unsplash.

A honeymoon or a weekend romantic trip was made for strengthen a relationship. So please, don’t turn you voyage into a routine or, worse still, a business trip. Close all your deadlines, solve all troubles at home, create the atmosphere of nonchalance, don’t think about anything except your darling. Moreover, avoid routine work like cooking or prolonged shopping. Visit the most romantic spots you can find, enjoy art, exhibitions, and finest dishes. Finally, make love as frequently as you can. Having sex on the other corner of the world is a must-try for every enamored couple to make their trip hotter.

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What do you say about those tips? If you’ve tried any of them and thought it worked, please share with us so we can get a feedback!

See you in the next tip!


Julia Clark – writer collaborator.

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