Meet Organic Aromas, a high technology diffuser brand

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Organic Aromas® is a premium essential oil and aromatherapy brand that manufactures the most effective and beautiful aroma diffuser on the market. Using absolutely no heat, no water and no plastic, this Nebulizing Diffuser® can emit a heavy concentration of scent across a large area in a short period of time.

These powerful aromatherapy devices can be used to enjoy the full potential therapeutic benefits of only pure essential oils and nothing else. Control a very strong aroma, instantly and for as long as you want it. Basically you need to use about 20 to 25 drops of pure essential oil per use.

organic aromas } diffuser | essential oil | aromatherapy

Try to use it on the LOW volume setting. The diffuser uses only pure essential oil so the aroma is strong and powerful.

Place the machine at least 2m/6ft from your body. When the scent in your area reaches the desired level you can turn the machine off.

organic aromas } diffuser | essential oil | aromatherapy

Make sure you give the diffuser glass a quick rinse/cleaning with isopropyl alcohol about once every week or two to keep the machine in top condition. Oil left over inside your glass can oxidize and become sticky or even harden inside. This can block the little tubes. Therefore, its important to give the glass a cleaning about once a week or so.

Here are one important video tutorial you can watch:

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My Zaful wish-list for winter 2018/2019

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Finally the Autumn has come! And what do you think a great shopping-lover do when the weather start to change (after looking at her closet)? Go shopping!!! So for this mission, I’ve just made my | fashion | autumn winter | winter 2018 | zaful | china products | import products

This time I’ve chosen Zaful to update my closet with fashion products for nice price. Take a look at my list of products that I want for now!


moda | moda 2018 | zaful | wish list | tendencias inverno 2018 | compras | outono inverno 2018 | dicas de moda

  1. Short striped jumpsuite with V neckline: two things that I love in only one piece of garment. The jumpsuit is so practical for the day by day and the V neckline makes any outfit more elegant. Found it at first time I’ve look up at Zaful website. 
  2. Tied mustard blouse: a classic shade for winter but with a trendy modelling – that you can also wear on Summer.
  3. Sunglasses: if you know me you know that I’m a sunglasses’ addicted – so a new piece of this accessory is never too much. This time I’ve chosen this trendy model.

moda | moda 2018 | zaful | wish list | tendencias inverno 2018 | compras | outono inverno 2018 | dicas de moda

4. Chocker necklace is one of my favorite accessories it doesn’t matter how the weather is. This piece is available on Zaful for just ONE dollar! How could I resist? 

5. Well red is so trendy this season! To me is one of the most beautiful colors; besides, I’m a huge fan of collants and those sleeves makes it too stylish.

6. Boots: another passion for me. I don’t have any flat over-the-knee model, so here is my chance to have one.

7. Small and symetric purses are so delicate and practical. I always wanted a purse like that, in this exact color.

moda | moda 2018 | zaful | wish list | tendencias inverno 2018 | compras | outono inverno 2018 | dicas de moda

8. Leather jacket is a classic of the winter’s closet. Every year I need a new one, once I don’t buy real leather pieces – and the bad part of it is that they get old earlier. So here is my choice for this season.

9. Chess print is another classic for winter; the Vichy pattern has taken all the fashionsists’ hearts this time, so I couldn’t let go a dress in this pattern without buying it. Do you agree?

10. Bomber jacket: never had one, let’s change it!

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So what you think of my Zaful wish list? If you’re not in a hurry on getting your products and you want to save money, I suggest you to shop on this website! You’re not gonna regret. Besides, I have a great news for you: DISCOUNT CUPONS CODE! YAY!


GentryDH1 >> for all order with over 26USD – save 4USD

Gentryahq >>  for all order with over 40USD – save 6USD

Gentryqay >>  for all order with over 50USD – save 7USD 

Gentrysmy >>  for all order with over 80USD – save 12USD

GentryDPH12 >> for all order with over 100USD – save 15USD

Note: Those cupon codes are 1 time limited – so each user can only use one of them each time!

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Hair Removal Device: new product from Silk’n promises to make a revolution in your life

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Shaver is oldschool. Besides its practicity, many women complain about the rough skin they usually get when shaving it. The most popular current methods for removing hair all over the body are laser and pulses of light – they remove your hair without leaving marks and avoiding it to grow again.

dica de beleza | depilação luz pulsada | depilador luz pulsada | silk'n revolution | infinity

The problem is: both are very expensive methods and you’ll probably spend a high amount with it per month. 


What if I tell you that there is already a way of you to use pulse of lights at home and spending only once with that, by buying a device? Silk ‘n Revolution, international brand of beauty devices, just launched Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL, a technology which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. And the best part: you can do it by yourself.dica de beleza | depilação luz pulsada | depilador luz pulsada | silk'n revolution | infinity

Images and vídeo credits: Unsplash, Pinterest and

It is furthermore the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home and is already regarded as the gold standard. You get a smoother skin, without any pain or irritation. You can buy it at the official brand’s website – free shipping for USA and Canada. Watch the video below to check more details:


I’ve already done laser, some time ago, and I think my legs hair reduced a lot. I’m really anxious on testing this new device and tell you guys what I’m thinking.

Tip: for a better result, the indication is to use it between 7-8 times, making a pause among 30-45 days. You can also join me on social medias, Facebook and Instagram, in which I’m gonna be posting what I think about it. 🙂

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If you buy and test it as well, leave me a comment about what you think about it!

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