SPFWtransN42: what is trendy for fashion 2017

A special summary about the most famous Brazilian Fashion Week.

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Why you shouldn’t use expired make up + tips to better conserve it

I don’t know about you but I’ve never had the habit of checking expiring date of my make up products. Until the day I’ve started having a strange allergy on my skin and, coincidence or not, it stopped right after I’ve stopped using some beauty products that were out of its...

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SPFWTRANS N42: the catwalks’ calendar for this edition

Check out the line-up of SPFWTRANS N42 that starts this Sunday!

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How to valorize your legs through nice outfits

Nice styling tricks for you to valorize your legs.

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Bomber jacket: pretty inspirations for you to use everyday

Great ideas for you to match your bomber jacket.

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Denim jacket: creative and stylish ways to wear

Several pretty and stylish ways to wear your denim jacket.

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How to reuse your flannel checkered shirt

Fresh and practical ideas for mid-season outfits with the flannel checkered shirt.

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Panty-hose: how to use and how not to use it

Practical tips for you to use the panty-hose.

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My name is Marcéli Paulino, I'm 31 years old and a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting. Soon after graduating, I decided I wanted to study and work in the field of fashion and started in what would be a second college, Fashion Design. I took 1 year this graduation, but due to the fact that I like writing much more than sewing (rs), I locked up college. So I went to São Paulo to study Fashion Journalism at IED - Instituto Europeo di Design - and there I had my first training in the area.

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