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Those are times of self-sufficiency. Of arrogance and prepotency. I confess I am the first one to talk for freedom and female empowerment, it is all right. But what I’ve seen around is that most of people is confusing those themes “freedom and independence” with “the obligation of been single”.

 I believe very hard that each one of us make of our lives whatever we want – of course, respecting other’s limits and maintaining the ethic – but I don’t believe in people who recriminates the other one just because he or she started a relationship – even if they say that just “as a joke”. That people who treat the other one who started a relationship as he or she would go to sign their own death sentences or something like that. And before anyone say something about that: I used to be like that and today I hardly recriminate this attitude. 

Society has created a kind of “relationship-phobia” (and I understand why, for a point) that I think is so silly. If people could stop thinking about the bad points in a relationship and start thinking about the good points – as long as you start a relationship with someone who has a good character, of course – they wouldn’t hesitate to start one. 

And do you know why? Because it is really grateful to have someone by your side that can add something good in your life. You need to feel complete by yourself, I agree, but to have someone who makes you feel overflowed is really good. And I am not talking about social or financial status – I am talking about love. I’m talking about partnership, companionship and about knowing that person will be there for you whenever you need. About feeling that the love you both feel for each other will be enough for you overcome obstacles. 

 I am talking about that feeling that “I won’t give up on you” that passes through your mind every time you have an argument. That feeling that you know you both don’t have any bond and you don’t need to be together, you just are together because you want to. That feeling that you know that person so much, even in a short time of relationship, that you know how he or she is going to react when you say something. That feeling when you see something funny and you remember that the person is going to laugh about that, because you both have already laughed a lot about that together. 

That feeling that you look to some problems you both have already faced and think that, of course, another problems are coming, but you still want to be with this person, because you know that facing problems with him/her worths, besides all the problems.  That feeling that you want to maintain that person by your side just because you want that so much and without her is not the same. That feeling about laying down in his/her chest and feel his/her hug, the only hug that matters and that comforts you. The feeling about been happy for making the other one happy – you are happy just because of that.

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relationships | tips about relationships | love | about love | positive thinking | the bright side of all relationships

That feeling about ‘you know you can leave, but you don’t want to’. And you know that the other person feels the same. I think those points are only the beginning of the bright side of been in a relationship. I hope you can see that the way I see nowadays. 

Love, and see you in the next post!

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