Why I haven’t lost the will of celebrating my birthday

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I laugh of myself when I realise that, besides feeling depressed sometimes, I never lose hope. My hope always renew itself, over and over – and this happens, specially, when my birthday is close. Curious.

Since when I was a child I’ve never passed through a birthday without celebrating, someway. It was never a “blank” date to me. I’ve never considerate passing through a birthdate without doing any kind of celebration – until nowadays.   

Some circumstances made me feel kind of discouraged on celebrating my date, however, I’ve had lovely people by my side who made me change my mind. And I’m glad this happened! Because, after all, I have much more reasons to celebrate than to be sad about. And I seriously believe that celebrating birthdays is not an ego question – it has an ego side, but, for me, is something much bigger than that. I really want to have people who love me by my side, celebrating with me, sharing my happiness.

Because even if the world says to us that we need to be self sufficient, the truth is that each one of us need love. It is important to discover happiness by ourselves, but sharing happiness is definitely something that supplements me. It is so good to have people who love us by our side, to know that they want to take care of us, that wants our best, that they get happy when we are happy. Even if there are only a few people. Even if someday you thought there were a lot of people who do that and realise it weren’t. 

birthday | birthday cake | celebrating birthday | relationships | relationship  | happy birthday | happy birthday images

Even if it’s only one person. To be sure someone love you is the most valuable thing in the world to me. And this is definitely a good reason to celebrate. The fact I am alive is a reason to celebrate; the fact I am healthy; the fact I have a family. The fact that I have a great life, despite the problems. The fact that I can see all those good things, above all the bad things. Because even if I fall sometimes – which is a normal thing, once I am a human -, the main thing is that I always raise again, no matter what. And I’ll always keep raising.

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So happy birthday for me, in advance, and for you too, who is reading this post – even if the date has passed already or if is still to come. I hope those words make you feel great, the same way they made me feel.

A kiss and have a great weekend!

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