Flower therapy for anxiety: Rescue’s benefits

flower medicine | Rescue | floral therapy | therapy | floral rescue

I don’t know about you but I do believe in soul healing for most of things. One of them is anxiety, main cause of my daily stress in so many situations. I am an uneasy person, one of those who wants everything done “for yesterday” and, at the same time it helps me stay focused and being responsible, on the other hand makes me feel never relaxed besides it makes me being an immediate person. And this is not good to me and to anyone else who lives with me.

That’s when I remembered that there exists Floral Therapy. Some years ago I’ve used Rescue to recover myself from a hard situation. I was very shocked, something similar to depressed (cannot make a diagnostic to myself, ’cause I haven’t being in a doctor, but I can say it was something really close to that. 

Rescue solved my problems in that time and when I found myself again feeling that terrible way, kind of lost, I tried this floral for the second time. And I can tell: it really worked. Before I explain more details about Rescue, let’s understand a little bit about floral psychotherapy.


The main objective of the florals is to recover our emotional balance. As its name suggests, the floral is made with natural products – flower’s essences – which makes it being classified as an alternative medicine – and 100% natural. That is why there is no restrictions about its use. 

In many cases of psychological problems, caused by emotional facts, florals can be a great and more effective alternative than stronger medications, because they focus on recovering our spiritual side. 

flower medicine | Rescue | floral therapy | therapy | floral rescue


Focusing on spiritual treatment, so as all florals, Rescue has a specific function of rescuing souls, as its own name suggests. It is indicated to people who passed through traumatic situations, such as death, breaking up relationships or loss of job. To any moment in which someone can feel really lost, without any motivation. To a really strong situation. The ideal is to take the floral during 3 months. I’ve took for one month and I already felt such a big difference. About posology: 4 sublingual drops, 3 times a day. I usually take it when I wake up, the  in the afternoon and then before I go to bed.


Florals can be found in any manipulation pharmacy. The Rescue I’ve bought in Alquimista, located at channel 6, in the corner of Epitácio Pessoa Street. I’ve read once that everyone who buys florals should pay attention to get the Bach’s brand, which are the most reliable. Each recipient of Rescue costs about R$ 19,90 and lasts a month.

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I really hope you enjoy this tip! Xx and see you in the next post 😉

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