3 fashion tips to valorize the female silhouette

Tips for you to valorize your curvilinear and pretty body.

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Fashion myths: the truth about low waisted pants

  In one more tag “fashion myths”, I am going to talk about low waisted pants, a super polemic piece of cloth that, besides being stigmatized, there must be someone who has doubts about using it.   I remember those kind of pants were very trendy when I was an adolescent....

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How to exercise the self love in a relationship

Tips about self esteem and self love for you to practice everyday.

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3 fashion mistakes that visually cut your silhouette

Tips about fashion mistakes you shouldn’t do in favor of your silhouette.

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Social media etiquette: an entire guide for you not to make gaffes

Five tips about social media etiquette for you not to make any mistakes anymore.

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5 Fashion Instagram profiles to follow

Five fashion bloggers Instagram’s profiles for you to get inspired and follow!

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Autumn-winter fashion tips: 14 ways to wear bonnet in your outfit

Simple and pretty tips for you to include the bonnet in your winter outfits!

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Fashion myths: the truth about matching purses and shoes

Some practical tips about the myth of matching purses and shoes!

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My name is Marcéli Paulino, I'm 31 years old and a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting. Soon after graduating, I decided I wanted to study and work in the field of fashion and started in what would be a second college, Fashion Design. I took 1 year this graduation, but due to the fact that I like writing much more than sewing (rs), I locked up college. So I went to São Paulo to study Fashion Journalism at IED - Instituto Europeo di Design - and there I had my first training in the area.

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