How the diamond peeling treatment works

This week I came back to Beauty Club to test a diamond peeling session. I’ve already heard about this facial treatment but I confess I’ve always been afraid of it – one of the reasons because I make use of acid on my face, in order to reduce pores...

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5 great tips to organize your closet

It is terrible when you open your closet and see a mess. Take a look at some tips to solve this problem!

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Belt bag: to use or not to use?

It has been called “ugly” and “comy” for so many generations, but, now, it is getting a fashion, trendy and audacious image, also making part of many outfits in street styles all over the world. I’m talking about the belt bag! READ MORE: 7 problems that can ruin your...

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Beauty and shape: how the radio frequency treatment works

Tips about the radio frequency treatment, in Santos, how it works, indication and contra indications.

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4 tips for you to keep motivated to go to the gym in the winter

Except a few ones that love winter – which is my case! – it seems most of people don’t like low temperatures. As a result of this, they can’t feel motivated to go to the gym in the winter. READ MORE: 5 tips to look more elegant To help you...

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Party dresses: 7 problems that can ruin your outfit

I don’t know about you guys, but, I am having lots of weddings to go this year. All my friends are getting older and starting a new life, lol. So, to help my friends, my enemies (why not?) and everyone to look beautiful in those parties, here is a...

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Autumn-winter outfits: how to dress warmly without be overdressed

One of our biggest dilemmas in the winter is dressing warmly, but, at the same time, trying not to be overdressed – which is something really uncomfortable, besides it makes us look fatter. In order to help you solving this problem, I will give a four-tips-list. Have a look...

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5 clothes that will always be in style

A versatile closet is one of the secrets to be always in style. In order to help you doing it, today I will talk about five pieces of clothes that you must maintain in your pile – or buy it, whenever you can – because it will your day by day...

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My name is Marcéli Paulino, I'm 31 years old and a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting. Soon after graduating, I decided I wanted to study and work in the field of fashion and started in what would be a second college, Fashion Design. I took 1 year this graduation, but due to the fact that I like writing much more than sewing (rs), I locked up college. So I went to São Paulo to study Fashion Journalism at IED - Instituto Europeo di Design - and there I had my first training in the area.

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