Several ways for you to wear the bandana

The bandana is back: are you up to wear it?

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DIY: Hanging clothes rail

4 simple tips for you to have your own hanging clothes rail in this DIY post!

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5 fashion trends from NYFW to inspire

A top 5 from the most trendy pieces most saw on NYFW.

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False eyelashes: how to apply and remove correctly

  A pretty and well done make up asks for well defined and remarkable eyelashes, a point that is almost a global preference for women. Those who don’t have longer eyelashes naturally can opt for false ones.   The variety of false eyelashes is big: you can choose for...

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Spring/summer 2017: fashion and beauty’s checklist

Like it or not, summer is comming in Brazil (and out of here, it is still going on). It’s always a good idea to think about what we need to face the most hot temperatures, in terms of fashion and beauty, in order to optimize our closet and nécessaire. ...

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Three types of shoes that are trendy for the next seasons

I don’t know about you, but to me, comfort is my first word when I am choosing an outfit lately – more than style, most of times. If we can conciliate both it is great, of course. If you agree with me, probably you also think that comfort must...

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What is the real help of the high heels for women?

Find out how to use high heels in your favour.

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International Book Biennial of São Paulo – the event and books I’ve bought

Tips about the 24th International Books Biennial of São Paulo.

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My name is Marcéli Paulino, I'm 31 years old and a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting. Soon after graduating, I decided I wanted to study and work in the field of fashion and started in what would be a second college, Fashion Design. I took 1 year this graduation, but due to the fact that I like writing much more than sewing (rs), I locked up college. So I went to São Paulo to study Fashion Journalism at IED - Instituto Europeo di Design - and there I had my first training in the area.

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