Beauty treatments: 4 exfoliation recipes to do at home

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Taking care of our facial skin can be easier than we think. The secret is to leave out the laziness and make some effort to do the essential maintenance in order to have a healthier and prettier skin.


And one of those maintenances is the exfoliation. Besides promoting a deep cleaning, it is responsible for removing all the death cells in the superficial area. It also clean all pores and avoids acnes and inlaid hairs, besides activating blood circulation and promotes a cellular renewal. 


You have to lightly scrub any exfoliation product in your skin, with your fingertips. Leave it for some minutes and remove it with water. About the frequency: dry skins should do exfoliation once in fifteen days and oily skins should receive the exfoliation once a week.


You’ve already know that exfoliation can brings you lots of benefits! And the best part is: you can do it at home! Take a loot at four recipes I’ve got for you: 

 1. BANANA RECIPE: You will need three bananas and a cup of brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients in a recipient and then apply in your skin. It is rich on vitamins and lets your skin stronger.

 2. PUMPKIN CREAM RECIPE: This recipe is indicated to recover the natural bright of the skin and unblock the pores. Get one pumpkin can, one cup of sodium bicarbonate and 1/4 of a cup of honey. Put all the ingredients in a recipient and mix them.

3. COFFEE RECIPE: In a recipient, mix with your own fingers 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/2 of beat coffee and one cup of coconut oil. It is a rich antioxidants recipe.

4. SUGAR AND HONEY RECIPE: This is an exfoliant mask recipe for oily skins. In a recipient mix an avocado, one soup spoon of crystal sugar and one soup spoon of honey. Apply it in your skin right after and let it there for 3 minutes, before doing the exfoliation. 

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Did you like the tips? Try and see if it works and then come to tell me if it really worked!

Xx and see you in the next tip! 😉

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